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Why You Should Get Annual Senior Eye Exams

Many people spend most of their lives only getting eye exams on an occasional basis. While this isn't recommended, it can work out for those with healthy eyes. Upon reaching senior status, however, everyone should get annual eye exams. This is because the chance of getting eye diseases increases with age, and the chance of these diseases being serious also increases. Here are some of the problems that a Burlington optometrist will look for during a senior eye exam:

Elderly man reading in the library.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

As the name says, this sort of macular degeneration is associated with advancing age. It causes the deterioration of your central vision. One of the first symptoms you may notice is that straight lines look wavy.


These are your eyes lenses when they have become cloudy. The first noticeable effect is a blurry or cloudy vision. As time goes on, your lenses become cloudier and block more light. Left untreated, you may become legally blind.

Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension

Glaucoma results from the destruction of the optic nerve over time. Typically, it is caused by increased pressure in the eye. Ocular hypertension is diagnosed when you have too much pressure in your eye but glaucoma has not yet developed.

Common Age-Related Vision Changes

As people get older, many notice that they need more light in order to see well. Glare also tends to become problematic. The appearance of colors may change so that it is hard to tell them apart. Finally, tear production tends to be reduced.

Why You Need an Annual Eye Exam

Some of these issues are considered fairly normal, but they can also be signs and symptoms of serious disease. This is why it is essential to get a vision checkup from an eye doctor in Burlington every year when you're a senior citizen. Many sight-destroying problems can be halted with early diagnosis, so it's essential that you never just assume that trouble seeing is "just normal aging."

How an Eye Doctor's Care Helps

When an abnormal vision condition is detected by your Burlington eye doctor, treatment will begin right away. In most cases, this will halt the progression of the condition and prevent further vision loss. When problems are detected before you've noticed them, it's even better – speedy treatment can prevent any vision loss from happening.

Many diseases once considered untreatable are now easy to treat. Open-angle glaucoma, for example, can usually be halted with eye drops. This means that you should never give up on saving your sight.

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